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Thursday Cult LIVE @ Kaiserkeller

Am 17.09.2021 gibt es wieder Live Musik von uns im Kaiserkeller. Jetzt schnell noch euren Platz reservieren unter:

10/06/2021 - Back on stage! Konzert in der Erlöserkirche Detmold

Wir freuen uns am 10.6.2021 um 19:00h wieder für euch spielen zu dürfen. Das Ganze findet in der Erlöserkirche am Markt in Detmold statt und steht unter dem Thema "Father of Night - Lieder von Bob Dylan".

Anmeldungen werden über diesen Link entgegengenommen.

Vor Ort gelten die üblichen Corona-Bestimmungen. Wir freuen uns auf euch!


















06/03/2020 - NEW EP "CHANGES" OUT NOW!

We are very very excited to share our new EP with you starting today. The three new songs will be available on all popular streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Google Play etc.

Also, if you want to support us directly, you can buy the EP directly from us via our Bandcamp store:

We'll have some news on a physical release of the EP very soon! Until then, please enjoy the new music and feel free to share it with everyone.

Spotify: Click here

Apple: Click here

Amazon: Click here

Deezer: Click here

Google Play: Click here

Thank you for your support!



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Thursday Cult, that’s the sound of a generation that is looking for a way back to handmade music. Without any bric-a-brac, only analogue instruments and pure energy. The four young friends sound whirrs somewhere between Garage, Classic Rock and Blues. What’s clearly recognizable is the influence of 70s rock bands, which almost takes the listeners back to the decade of rock-pioneers such as Deep Purple, Genesis and Pink Floyd. But not entirely! In Thursday Cults music, you can also find sporadic influences from modern rock music. And besides, the sophisticated production wouldn’t be possible 50 years ago. Also, if you’re honest, what rock band had a female singer back in these days? Thursday Cults frontwoman Fitore has such a strong and powerful voice that many male singers of the past decades would be outshined now.

Thursday Cult create an honest and raw sound in a world which is shaped by hypocrisy and masquerades. They are only themselves and show what they really are at stage: great musicians who don’t need any laminations or ostentatious shows to convince the audience.

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